Last Update: Sep. 5, 2016

Web Demonstration of kv Library

Masahide Kashiwagi

1. Introduction

This page provide a prototype pages which can try numerical verification by kv library on the web.

It internally generates C++ program and compiles and executes it. C++ programs using template have disadvantage of slow compilation, so many problems take more time to compile than to calculate.

Since it also displays the C++ source code generated internally, it can be thought as a tool to create a template of C++ source for the problem to solve.

2. Verified Nonlinear Equation Solver (All Solution Finder)

3. Verified Definite Integral

4. Verified ODE (IVP) Solver

5. Range Evaluation of Multivariable Functions

6. Others

We would like to add demonstration for verification of boundary value problem, etc. in the future.